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Pop Off Wand

Pop Off Wand

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Create great fun, smiles and belly laughs from EVERY audience member with this fun prop.
Works great with our Colored Nesting Wands and our Blooming Bouquet and Break-A_Way Wand
The Pop Out Wand is a comedy prop. The magician shows, and / or uses a Giant Wand some 18" long and 2" in diameter in his act. When he slaps the wand, one of the tips flies off into the air, as if shot from a popgun. The Wand works on air pressure. Not a magic trick, but a gag prop that can get you many laughs in your act, if you have the flair for this sort of presentation. A great gag prop for kid show performers.

If you are performing on stage. Its great for kids shows, because you could make the kids get the missing end for you, but ADULTS LOVES IT TO! it's just even more fun!

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