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Bling My Bunny

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This was introduced at Kidabra 2007 and it was an instant hit! Ready for 21st century magic? Bling My Bunny is a mis-made silk effect that's really hip . . . hop! Show an 18" Wonder Imagery silk with a tired and out of style rabbit. Place him in his dressing room. Add some modern bling as in; jewerly, gold, shades, and of course an iPod. Give the bunny a few seconds to dress and show your blinged bunny.

From the gold teeth to the 24 "carrot" rings this bunny is one wild hare. Get jiggy with your magic. Props include: Silks, iPod, plastic gold coins, dollar sign necklace, single kid's glove for a joke in the routine, and of course his shades. After Blinging your bunny ask the kids if he's better or more important now that he is "blinged." Of course the kids can see through the layers of bling and know that true character is found on the inside, not in how we dress.

Blendo Bag version has one 18 inch Wonder Imagery ordinary rabbit and one 36 inch blendo bag which begins as a black back for all the props to go inside. The Blendo bag magically changes into the large Blinged Bunny silk and all the props have vanished. This is definitely the professional version.


Change Bag version has two 18 inch Wonder Imagery silks, one ordinary rabbit and one blinged and all props. Change bag not included.

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