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Split Deck JUMBO

Split Deck JUMBO

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Great to connect with seniors and everyone, perfect for tweens as well!

The magician shows a deck that has been cut in half diagonally. The cards for both halves are fanned face up to show they are mixed then turned back face down. A spectator then each select one card from the first half of the deck, and a second spectator selects a card from the second half of the deck. Amazingly, when the selected halves are put together and turned face up they match to form a complete card! A baffling effect!

Includes my  routine that will bring an awe moment to your show!

Here's what they say....

Best Jumbo Split deck I've bought. Believe it or not, its MUCH BETTER than the Bicycle version.

Jumbo split deck is a great value that packs small and plays big. It is a very visual miracle that is revealed in the spectators hands. Plays well for both small or large audiences.

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