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Royal Transposition

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An amazing routine for seniors! The magician brings up a lady and a man. The gentleman gets a top hat and the lady a scarf, They each hold the beautiful bag with their jumbo card. The man the King and the lady the Queen. Now they will share a dance together. Plenty of smiles, and oohs and ahhs as the entire audience participates, The magician even cuts in! After the dance we check the cards and the man has the Queen and the lady the King! Wonderful magic, great moment for the entire audience!
The props are beautiful, well made and work like a charm!
Here is what you get:
Two giant cards are shown and then put into two empty drawstring bags of different colors. The Queen of Hearts is put into a red bag and the King of Spades into a black one. After a magical gesture the two giant cards are taken out of the respective bags but… they have magically changed places: the Queen is taken out of the black bag and the King from the red one.
• A great effect for stage or parlor that packs flat and plays big.
• The velvety drawstring bags are very elegant - soft with nice colors.
• Once the transposition has taken place, everything can be examined by the spectators.
• The special cards (made of plastic) will do all the work for you. They measure 18.8 x 29.3 cm (7.4” x 11.53”) and are 3mm thick. This means that they can be easily seen from a distance.

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