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Psychic Crayons

Psychic Crayons

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Psychic Crayons

A spectator freely selects a crayon from a box of 24 different colors. Miraculously, the magician is able to divine the correct color, every time. 

  • Great effect for adults!
  • Can be used on their own, or part of any routine requiring a force.
  • Perfect companion to the Magic Coloring Book!
  • Includes bonus routine from Award-Winning Magician George Saterial!

"A clever and creative mind reading concept. There should be one in every road case." - Vito Lupo

"Brilliant." - George Saterial

"An innovative, powerful, and practical new force." - Mark Wilson

"It's fooled every single person I performed it for. It makes you feel like a real mind reader."
- Tony Clark


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