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Mis made Frankenstein Silk set

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This effect is based on the all time classic novel of Frankenstein written way back in 1818 by Mary Shelley. In this effect you try to recreate the Frankenstein monster using your magic but there is a twist to this. You point out to each of the parts of the Frankenstein body for a total of six parts, and place them in a laboratory to try and recreate Frankenstein. On your first attempt you end up with a mis-made Frankenstein, but with some help from the audience you are able to make it right. This effect comes with a total of eight silks. You can milk this effect for a good 7-8 minutes and the audience will love your story and every move of yours. This one packs small and plays big.

The graphics on this effect are animated and very kid friendly, and the colors are bright and vibrant. This sets the stage for a great comedy effect. We supply the eight silks and some tips to make a very easy laboratory.
  DVD is included

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