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Linking Ropes PRO

Linking Ropes PRO

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These are the finest set of linking ropes on the market today.
If you have used any other set of linking ropes you will instantly recognize how truly superior this set is.
The "special something" is extra strong, and the construction of the ropes can only be described as perfect. What happens? Three separate circles of rope link and separate in an amazing fashion. A chain of three is formed.
Two come together, and then are apart again. All this happens while the ropes remain tightly tied in separate circles. A spectator can even pull on the ropes while you have them connected (your hand remains on them too). A real baffler, yet the secret is simple too master.
Wonderful for seniors too. Great hands on magic that really gets folks involved.
The effect is unbelievable. Complete with instructions and routine by Duane Laflin.

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