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New Deluxe Color Changing Wreaths

New Deluxe Color Changing Wreaths

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This is a deluxe model and is made from synthetic fibers and will last you a lifetime. The wreaths will not gather dust and can be cleaned easily.

I like to call these Connection Rings because they really do help draw the audience in and get them participating. The wreaths always get a big response. I often use audience volunteers which makes the effect even bigger on stage and adds great comedy. This is an effect that works for all ages. Can be done to music without patter or played big as a comedy or message piece. Think change, bringing people together, unity, trinity, etc. Discuss any three points and show how they are all important. Great possibilities. If you want to make a big impact the wreaths are for you. My routine is included. The basic effect: Three white feather wreaths are inserted into a bag one at a time and change into three different colored wreaths to match a colored silk passed through a hole in the bag. Finally, the three colored wreaths blend into a large wreath in the three colors. Complete with silks.

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