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Bucket Full

Bucket Full

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Are you a bucket filler? A collapsed bucket is opened up and shown empty. From the empty bucket 18 smiling stars appear! This magical presentation is based on the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. The bucket is a perfect match with the book. The combination of the book and the effect makes it perfect for school and library shows. Modifying the story makes it perfect as a motivational presentation for adults.

Bucket Filler includes silicone collapsible bucket, book, 18 smiling super soft sponge stars, display pan, mini bucket, DVD/PDF Book, and specially designed gimmick that does the work.

The usefulness of this new gimmick is truly unlimited. It can hold 18 sponge stars or 16 two-inch balls or 24 one and a half inch balls or 14 diamond cut silks or 45 feet of two-inch rainbow streamer or 15 feet of four-inch streamer plus more. DVD includes PDF book and sample presentations with stars, silks, sponge and a variety of other objects. The DVD itself is a wealth of content, with scripts and ideas on how to use many of your existing props with the Bucket Filler.

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